Unless your costume get-together is strictly goth-themed – in which case, you're pretty much limited to black and the odd bit of purple – you can't really go far wrong with a few 80s neon accessories to really make your fancy dress get-up sing loud and proud.

The classic vivid neon leg warmers are an absolute must for any 80s-inspired fancy dress, as are a set of head and wrist bands.  Combine with a neon tutu if you’re out to create a sporty Fame-type look. Some cheeky disco braces might be just the thing, and we've got those in a range of equally hot neon shades too. If there's likely to be any UV lighting at your party, perfect Day-Glo accessories on offer include shutter shades, fishnet gloves, hoop earrings and gummy bracelet/bead combos, so don't be a wallflower – trust Redstar Fancy Dress to help you crank up the colour palette and let them know you're here to party hearty!

Neon Accessories

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  1. 80s t-shirts headband & Sweatbands / Wristbands-Green-18
    Ladies Neon 80s T-shirt Headband & Sweatbands / Wristbands
    As low as £10.95
  2. hoop earrings-Green
    80s Style Neon Hoop Earrings
    As low as £2.95
  3. Short fishnet gloves and leg warmers-Yellow
    Short Fishnet Gloves & Leg Warmers
    As low as £3.95
  4. Gummies beads-Green
    Neon Gummy Bracelets & Beads
    As low as £3.49
  5. Gummy Braceletd-Green
    Pack of 12 Neon Gummy Bracelets
    As low as £1.99
  6. Hoop Earrings, Beads & Gummies-Yellow
    Neon Hoop Earrings, Beads & Gummy Bracelets
    As low as £3.95
  7. Headband & Wristband with Legwarmers-Green
    Neon Headband & Sweatband / Wristband & Legwarmers Set
    As low as £5.49
  8. undefined-Red
    Neon Headband & Sweatbands/ Wristbands
    As low as £3.95
    Pack of 4 Neon Necklace Beads and Neon Hoop Earrings
    As low as £3.99
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9 Items

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