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  1. Hot Celebs in Fancy Dress: Top 10 Females

    Who doesn’t love a hot girl in fancy dress? It’s even better when it’s a fit celeb, getting down and dirty in sexy fancy dress outfits just like the rest of the nation. It’s no secret that us Brits love a themed party; any excuse for some drink-fuelled make belief and we’re there with bells on.

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  2. Celebs in fancy dress

    Celebs in fancy dress

    In recent years, we've definitely detected that celebrities have started upping their game in the fancy dress stakes (vampire pun only partly intended). Here are a few we spotted that we liked. Or, er, didn't. Question is, can you do better? Answer: of course you can.

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  3. 5 ideas to make those costume bashes even more fun on the night

    5 ideas to make those costume bashes even more fun on the night

    1. ABC – anything but cups! As you might already have guessed, the idea of this party extra is that your guests are allowed to bring anything they like with them to use as a drinking vessel...as long as it isn't a cup or glass in any traditional sense. Spot prizes for the most impractical or imaginative solutions will encourage outside-the-box thinking here. (Good tip 1: have a decent mop on hand – some spillage is fairly inevitable if people are really pushing the envelope. Good tip 2: don't use an envelope.)

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