The 80s is not about nostalgia; it is about a decade of people, decisions and inventions that changed our future. It was 10 years of nonstop glamour, unchecked excess, ruthless ambition and explosive technological innovation that combined to produce the historic changes and global events that made us who and what we are today.

We love the 80s and to take you down a nostalgic trip of dodgy haircuts, double denim and pacman, we have compiled a list of our top websites.

1) Like Totally 80s

Like Totally 80sThis is a great website full of fun facts and memory-joggers! The team at Like Totally 80s cover everything from music and movies to fashion and hairstyles. We really love the 80s party guide, not forgetting the 80’s costume ideas for the fancy dress enthusiast. If you like what you read here, why not pop over to their twitter page  for lots more retro fun; it may inspire you to recreate one of your best 80s memories!




80sNostalgia .comPrepare yourself to take a real trip back in time, whether you are a toys and games enthusiast or you secretly regard Zippy from Rainbow as your hero. Why not test your memory (if you are confident that age hasn’t depleted your brain cells!) with one of their 80s quizzes or practice your 80s lingo with the dictionary full of slang terms and words that will help you out if you bump into an 80s throwback! More fun content can be found at twitter and Facebook, take a look!


3) Absolute Radio 80s

Absolute 80sAn absolute must if you fancy a vocal workout with some 80s classics. These playlists are going to take you on a nostalgia trip, playing undisputed 1980s classics from Madonna, Duran Duran, Prince, Pet Shop Boys, Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode, U2, The Human League, The Police and more. Who could ask for more from the radio station that dedicates itself to endless 80s records that will have you reaching for your hairbrush? Check out the playlists and see which one grabs your fancy or even try your luck at winning some 80s goodies. Maybe you feel like opening up to all the other 80s fans out there? If so twitter has lots for you enjoy.

4) Eighty-Eightynine

Eighty EightynineLots of topics are covered here and all of them have fun content. Examples include culture, music and video games. Perfect for anybody wanting to bring the legwarmers trend back or resurrect 80s video games on your desk top - who doesn’t want to beat their top score from their favourite childhood game? We are especially fond of the Rubik’s cube solution, helping you to combat this frustrating challenge that took all our households by storm. Take a look at the Eighty-Eightynine Twitter account for more fun.


5) Kickin’ It Old School

 Old School 80sIf you want to kick it old school, 80s style, this is the place to be. This blog discusses the best of 80s pop culture from music to TV and movies. Check out this special feature on John Hughes’ classic The Breakfast Club. You can also kick it old school on Twitter.




6) Dark 80s

Dark 80sHave you got an inner Goth just screaming to get out? Here there are pages of records with genres such as alternative, avantgarde, coldwave, darkwave, electro, experimental, gothic, hardcore, heavy metal, industrial, minimal, mutant disco, new romantic, new wave, noise rock, no-wave and even more! There is a great feature available if you want to mix different styles of music together. Check out the DJ mixes that you can stream for free on your PC or other devices. A visit to twitter will show you even more, so go over to the dark side!


7) True 80s Music Radio

True 80s RadioA fun place to listen to a wide variety of music representing an iconic era that paved the way for many artists today. Press play on the classic reel-to-reel cassette to listen to some 80s favourites, or why not test your gaming skills on Tetris, (included in the classic arcade games section). Their live twitter feed is available to read whilst you listen, or simply visit their twitter page.



8) Branded in the 80s

Branded in the 80sThis is a website totally dedicated to pop culture, from comic books to stickers and everything in between. A really fun feature is the list of iconic 80s bedrooms; we’re sure this will be a trip down memory lane for most people. There is a plethora of other interesting and radical 80s nostalgic comic book links to get your teeth stuck into, heaven for you comic book fans out there. The 3000 followers on Twitter seem to agree anyway.



9) 80s Cartoons must for all you retro cartoon geeks, with its A-Z guide of cartoons from the 80s.  Whether you are a Care Bears fan or you want to watch He-Man flex his muscles, this is the site for you. At 80s Cartoons you can get the lowdown on your childhood favourites, revisit their characters and purchase the cartoons to watch at your own leisure (popcorn isn’t included!) We love the retro rating and the fact that you can buy a matching retro t shirt. Twitter has a few followers that you could discuss your cartoon heroes with too.


10) Everything 80s

Everything80sUKHere is your chance to look back on the decade where hair was big and shoulder pads were even bigger. We love the 80s adverts collection, guaranteed to get you singing along to the famous jingles that you thought you had forgotten forever! There is a whole host of other topics including toys and movies. Also you get the chance to buy some retro memorabilia. Go over to their twitter page and see what else Everything 80s is shating.


So there you have it our favourite websites that will make you feel like you have stepped back in a time machine. Enjoy!