A warm welcome back to Clucking Hens, your monthly roundup of the best wedding blogs and matrimonial goodness from across the web. Compiled for brides and their hens, our roundup will take you on a whirlwind tour of the latest and greatest wedding blogs, perfect for gathering just a little more inspiration for the big day (and the big nights before it!).

This August, debate the “wedding selfie” with Whimsical Wonderland Wedding's Lou Baltruschat, find out how to survive wedding fairs and make easy, pretty DIY confetti cones.

Wedding Selfies: Trashy or Fun?


Image by Studio Rouge
The selfie invasion has most definitely happened. The word for taking a snap of yourself with one outstretched arm has now made it into the dictionary, which means you're almost certainly going to see a lot of selfie taking going on at the next wedding you attend, whether it's your best friend's or your own big day.

But with photographers paid for and disposable cameras on the wedding breakfast tables, is there really any excuse for selfie taking? And how can you handle the blight if you decide your want your special day to be selfie free? Should the bride and groom take their very own selfie? Is that cute or tacky?

As you can see, the whole issue has raised a lot of questions for the Red Star Fancy Dress team, and we'd like to hear what you have to say. Check out this fabulous wedding selfie blog from Louise Baltruschat of Whimsical Wonderland Weddings to get to grips with the subject, then share your say below.

How to Get the Most from Wedding Fairs


Whether you take your mum, or your loyal hens-to-be, wedding fairs can go one of two ways. They can be inspirational, or they can leave you even more confused than you were before.

Over the last five years, “So You're Getting Married” blogger Phoebe Miller has seen British wedding fairs evolve into diverse and inspiring events, with plenty of options to cater to all tastes. But should you bother? And if you do decide to go, how can you get the absolute most out of this experience? This fabulous blog, in which Phoebe talks to Amelia Barnes of Miss Vintage Wedding Affair will answer all of your questions!

How to Make: DIY Doily Confetti Cones


Those little plastic and cardboard boxes and packets confetti typically comes in are not especially elegant. And, if guests are a little clumsy, they can make a nasty mess outside your wedding venue. Fortunately the wonderful bloved blog has the perfect, simple and chic solution: confetti cups make from doilies!

Not only are these lovely DIY cups ready to crumple up in pockets after use , they're also ridiculously pretty – especially considering how little they cost to make. Take a look at the bloved tutorial and rope in your most long-suffering hens to help you make a bundle in no time!

Are you using confetti at your wedding? What's your stance on wedding selfies? Have your say & join the conversation with other readers below.