Neon Tutu Skirts

To be fair, there are quite a number of ways in which fancy dress parties are not like reading the news: one of them is that you won't get away with hiding your lower torso behind a desk. (Unless, of course, it's part of your costume.) Nope, on the whole, you'll be needing the right costume and accessories for your bottom half too, which is precisely where our dazzling range of neon tutu fancy dress skirts comes in pretty darn handy. If you're out to create an 80s vibe, you can't go far wrong with some Fame-style floaty tutu skirts in vivid pink, yellow, green and black too. Pair those off with some of the equally eye-catching Redstar Fancy Dress line of luminous leg warmers, sweat bands, disco beads or other neon accessories and we confidently predict you're going to be hogging the disco dancefloor under those UV lights all night.

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